Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Red Damask

I was looking at fabric over the weekend with someone else and I fell in love with this red and tan damask fabric.

The best part is that it is being made into pillow covers for me for my birthday {I guess I'll have to be patient}.  It's also incentive to actually reupholster my sofa instead of just planning to reupholster it.  This might be the time to confess I purchased the fabric to reupholster it three years ago....

In the meantime, I'll be rockin' the pillows on my blue sofa.

{photo: jeanine}


  1. Hi Jeanie, I found your blog via a comment you made on mine. Loving your fabric choices!!

    To answer your question, the nail head trim was purchased from www.beaconfabric.com. Good prices!


  2. Hi Janell,

    Thanks so much!

    I just took a look at Beacon Fabric and it's a great resource! We used to have a local source for upholstering supplies and tools but it closed a couple of years ago and I haven't been able to find a good replacement since. The site looks like it will be a great replacement.



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