Monday, June 14, 2010

New Chair Fabric

I popped into the Garage in Chelsea last month when I was at the ICFF. I was walking up the ramp to the upper section and spotted two upholstered chairs that I fell in love with.  As I walked up further I could see that there was a child sitting in one and someone {Cynthia Rowley, I think} buying them.  First I was disappointed and then I realized she had saved me from myself.  I HAVE two chairs that need to be cleaned up and reupholstered and really don't need two more.

So, I was at the Design Center last Tuesday and on a whim I decided to go to a mysterious and dirt-cheap fabric store that I had heard was kind of nearby.  In my sickness-induced craziness I was determined to just drive around until I found it, and thankfully, I did!

After much debate, and some conversation, advice and encouragement with a super nice customer who does her own upholstering, I decided to purchase some fabric for the cane chairs and upholster them myself.  Luckily the fabric was super cheap and I won't feel terrible if I have to redo them in a few years.  I was trying to get away from having blue in every room but, obviously, I'm having a bit of trouble doing that.  I'm considering this reupholstery project practice.

The fabric is cute, blue & brown, and will go well with my sad, sad couch.  I also went out and bought some high-gloss no-VOC paint for the wood and caning part.  I think I should have enough paint for the couch repainting/upholstering I have planned for the future.  I have the fabric for that but I still need the nail-head trim and new foam for the cushions.

Now I just need some caning for the side of one of the chairs and I'll be ready to go.

{photo: jeanine}

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