Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Midnight Farm

My trip to the Vineyard came at just the right time.  As I was stumbling around Vineyard Haven in the morning in search of coffee I found Midnight Farm.  It was closed when I went by but I fell in love with the lanterns in the window and the rustic furniture.

I did stop inside later in the day and found the perfect bedding that fits the Modern Hippie look for the barn renovation project {that has now expanded to the main house}.

I love the patterns on both the bedding sets but I don't think they sell it as fabric and as bedding it was too expensive for the budget.  But it would have been perfect.  It's a great direction to go for fabrics though.

I also found this chair in the store upholstered in the same fabric, and I still love it but have too many chairs as it is.  What I really would have loved for myself was the bomb√© commode that was marked way down in price, but I couldn't figure out how to get it home on the ferry.  It would have been really cute as a tv cabinet though.

{photos: jeanine}


  1. Hi - just found your blog and am enjoying it.
    Midnight Farm is a great store. Did you know that Carly Simon is part owner? To me the store reflects her eclectic tastes.
    Hope you get back to MV to explore more of it.

  2. Hi Joan, I do hope to go back. I can't believe I've lived in New England for most of my life and have never been {I've been to the Cape and Nantucket just never the Vineyard}. There are so many places I never got a chance to explore.

    After I told someone about the shop they told me they thought it was Carly Simon's store. She has great taste.


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