Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cane Chair D-I-whY

Armed with some fabric, white paint and the caning supplies I need to finish the project, I started un-upholstering one of the cane chairs I found a couple months ago at the consignment shop.  I took a few photos of the chair as it looked in the beginning so I would have some sort of reference as I put it back together.

The first chair I am going to tackle is the one that looks a bit sorrier than the other.  You can see the hole in the caning on the side.

You can see my tools of choice are an ice pick and some jewelry pliers.  Probably not the most appropriate of choices but they seem to work.

The front of the seat and the double cording at the wood.  I may cheat and use a trim or some nail head trim but I think the cord will be easy enough to make.

More cording and the tufting.  I'm betting on being able to put the cane on the back as well.  When I pull off the back I will know for sure.

The underside of the chair is kind of a mess.  The fabric wasn't neatly trimmed and is stapled all crazy.

The chair seat guts.

The upholstery was stapled on so crazily and most of the staples were embedded in the wood so that I had to dig the staples out with the pliers.  It ruined the wood a bit but it was not nice wood to begin with so I will have to fill the holes and do more sanding than I bargained for.  I'm not sure removing all the staples was the best idea but I thought it would be more difficult to have to staple the new fabric into the wood if the new ones were bouncing off the old ones.

I've spent a bit of time wondering why I thought this was a good idea and thinking that it is much more work than most people lead me to believe, but it is my first time and I'm sure the second one will be easier.  My DIY turned D-I-whY will get finished and I'm determined to do a good job in the end.

As soon as my knuckles heal, I'll be ready to work again!

{photos: jeanine}

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  1. I hope that your knuckles were healed now, Jeannine! Well, in restoring an upholstered seat, you should first try to remove all the padding, even though some parts are not actually ruined. That way, you will notice if there are some parts that need to be treated. And if you’re having hard time doing the cording, you can use some specialty glue for that.

    Roxie Tenner


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