Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's Not To Like About A Sparkly Room??

I actually thought Brocade Home had disappeared, but they had a booth this year at the ICFF, and a new store I guess.  Although I like their merchandise {who can resist all that silver and white?}, I'd be nervous ordering online due their past.

I'm hoping they have pulled things together though, because I do love that wallpaper and those mirrors.

{photo: jeanine}


  1. THEY had a booth!??! How did I miss that. I have a client in NYC right now and her first email said "I love brocade home". She already has the little tv stand thing.

  2. It's amazing what you can miss at the ICFF, it's ridiculously big. Too bad you didn't see it though, you could have done some 'shopping'.

    I didn't actually stop at the booth, I think this photo was taken as my partner in crime and I ran past {part of the reason it is crooked}.


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