Sunday, May 9, 2010

Urban Showhouse, Boston - Jonathan Adler

Here are more photos from the Urban Showhouse, if you're in Boston, today is the last day it is open.  After 3 years of deciding not to go to the Kips Bay Showhouse, I had decided this was the year I would see what all the fuss was about.  Then I found out it was postponed.  This was a great alternative and the price wasn't so high that I felt bad only staying 20 minutes, I just thought of it as a donation to a good cause.

I'm posting the floors from the ground up, and I'm saving my favorite rooms for last.  The Jonathan Adler floor was nice, and very Jonathan Adler.

What I liked most about the room was pair of the tiny little elephant salt and pepper shakers on the table.  Super cute but I could only justify buying them if they went on sale for 75% off since I have no need for them.

{photos: jeanine}


  1. Your photos were great! Love JA, wish I could have seen this in person.

  2. Thanks! Jonathan Adler's stuff is always very cheerful. :)


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