Monday, May 10, 2010

Urban Showhouse, Boston - Andrew Terrat & Dee Elms

The entry level of the Urban Showhouse was designed by Terrat Elms Interior Design.  I am not familiar with their work but the name sounds vaguely familiar.  The design was very serene with a slightly glamorous feel without being over the top.  They had, perhaps, my favorite chairs in the whole house {I can't decide on my absolute favorite chair but I did stare at them for a while before realizing I should probably snap out of it, there were other people around}.

Here is a view of the chairs.  They were in a silvery satiny vinylish fabric - and yes, those are technical interior design terms for the fabric.  If you google it, the fabric will be on the top of the list.  {If anyone knows what the fabric actually is, please let me know.}

{photos: jeanine}


  1. The chairs are Mitchell Gold "Kirk" chairs in a 100% polyurethane face fabric, called allow pewter.


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