Monday, May 24, 2010


I like the idea of wall decals as a quick and relatively painless way to add something different to a space without a ton of effort.  A lot of the decals I have seen have had warnings that they can't be repositioned or removed but these decals from MyVinilo of Barcelona can be.  If you make a mistake or change your mind and need to move it or reposition it you can.

From my chat with them, it seems as though in most circumstances the paint or surface underneath will be unaffected as well {so if you're renting a place and can't paint, things will probably be okay}, but after a long time it's possible there may be some damage or discoloration.  The ones on display at the ICFF seemed to peel right off like Colorforms.

{photo: jeanine}


  1. jeanine! where have you been!? just kidding, I know where you have been.

    hope you are doing well! ICFF was fun. I like your pics. It's like I'm still there. We should have lunch soon. I move this weekend. talk to you later-

  2. are you stalking me??? ;)

    lunch sounds like a plan. have a great move!


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