Monday, April 26, 2010

Lucite Tables

Thursday I made a trip to the Donghia showroom to hear a talk by Crans Baldwin, the President and CEO of Donghia, on how interior designers can improve their business.  He has some great information and I took tons of notes so hopefully I will be able to put some of his advice to good use.

On the way out, these little tables caught my eye. 

I was happy to learn that all of Donghia's furniture production has moved back to the US.  It always makes me more inclined to specify or purchase furniture if it's made in this country since I try to think about the impact of what I buy will be {both the shipping impact and the conditions of the people making the products}.  I like to hope that furniture makers in this country are treated better than in some other countries.  A very good film I saw recently, China Blue, follows a girl as she goes to work in a blue jean factory in China.  I'd recommend seeing it if you have the chance, it's a very interesting documentary.

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