Sunday, April 25, 2010

Emco Navy Chair

I keep seeing articles and images of the new Emeco Navy Chairs that debuted at the Milan Furniture Fair earlier this month and are produced out of recycled soda bottles.  From the images they look like they will be a great chair so I thought I would share.

It also seems like they will be half the price of the metal navy chairs {price was a main reason I wasn't able to convince a client that these chairs would be a good idea for their break room - the other was that I casually mentioned I saw them on a television show in a prison - oops}.

I hope to be able to see them up close at the ICFF to see if they look as nice in person.  I also hope they don't have a Coke ad on the back of them in real life and that was only put in for the photo shoot.  I would only get a chair like that if it was free {and these certainly are not}.

There is an interesting article on the L.A. at Home blog about the quality of the original Emeco Navy chairs vs two of the current knock-offs.  It's something to think about when looking at original furniture versus cheap knock-offs and deciding what is right for you. 

{photo: Emeco}

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