Monday, March 22, 2010

The President Hotel, New York

Over the course of two days {and two different jobs} I wound up discussing two new hotels based on the same basic concept.  The first is the Ames Hotel which you can find over at Sabbespot and the second is The President Hotel in New York {which is a boutique Best Western hotel, two things I never thought went together}. The design is by New York-based firm, Stonehill and Taylor.  Both hotels are a mix of historic and more modern design.

I love the graphic nature of the designs like the elephant and donkey chairs at the bar and the abstract images of historic buildings. There are many areas of the hotel where they have updated traditional items like the Girandole mirror {my history of furniture and architecture teacher would be so proud I kind of remembered this} and even the American flag.

The guestrooms.....

The suites....

I find myself strangely fascinated with the giant "meatball" poufs in the suites.

{photos: Interior Design}


  1. that= crazy. like on drugs crazy. I like pieces of it.

  2. I agree, I really like the guestrooms and bits of the common space but I'm not much for the Alice In Wonderlandish post-modern madness that envelops the public spaces.

    Kind of like with the Ames - they had some crazy oversized pieces that didn't seem to belong.


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