Monday, March 8, 2010

Hotel Puerta America, Madrid

I have had this post saved as a draft since the summer and I can't figure out if I love this hotel or not.

The Hotel Puerta America was designed by 19 different designers who used it to showcase their own style, which leads to a very disjointed space. It was called an interior design "theme park" which seems appropriate given the range of styles.

Individually though, I really like some of the spaces and the details in the hotel.  Below is the exterior with it's "Tower of Terror".

Here are some of John Pawson's spaces.  He has more of clean, modern look using pattern and natural woods.

I'm not entirely sure who designed these areas.  The elevator lobby was Norman Foster and I think these other lobby areas might be too {don't hold me to it, I could be totally wrong}.  It kind of looks to me like what the 1960s thought the 21st century would be.  Very Space Age.

Here is Arata Isozaki's floor.  I love the Japanese bath details.  Someday I want a Japanese soaking tub, I think they are fabulous.  Although with everything I want, my home could look as disjointed as this hotel....

If you want to read a bit more about the project and see a list of the designers and the spaces they created you can find an article on Architectural Lighting.

{photos: George Arriola}

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