Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I love looking at the Flor catalog when it arrives.  Not for the carpet tiles {though I have a different brand of carpet tiles in my bedroom and living room and I love them} but for the pictures in the catalog.

Whether it's a color combination, amazing molding or a cheerful piece of furniture I always love the images and styling.  I find this is the case when I look through other commercial manufacturer's carpet books and websites as well.  If only they printed the sources....








I still can't figure out why Flor insists on making the squares in odd sizes {I have 2'x2' squares and think they are the perfect size}, perhaps they are converting from metric.

{photos: Flor}


  1. I like the sofa in the first one. My dining room rug was 100% free via Interface samples. I hope the Nashville Interface rep doesn't read your blog.

  2. I'm sure she doesn't mind as long as you don't carpet your whole place with them....


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