Monday, February 15, 2010

Loyal Luxe

I have a cat who regularly attempts to destroy everything I own.  She looks innocent but is actually a little terror.  I often find the bottom of the bookshelf completely empty, the furniture rearranged and carpet squares detached from their adhesive and spread around the room.  My laptop has taken more than a few leaps off the ottoman I keep it on when she has decided she can't share the space.  Needless to say, I don't spend much money on stuff for her as those things are quickly destroyed as well {she does have plenty of toys}.

I recently found this modern cat chalet by Loyal Luxe which is adorable and extremely reasonably priced at $19 CAD {so I'm assuming $30ish US including shipping and the currency exchange fee}.  With most of the things I post I like them but don't actually consider buying much.  I am seriously considering getting this house though.  It's cute but pretty unobtrusive and simple with dangly things and scratchy parts and if it was destroyed in a savage attack, I wouldn't have a meltdown.  I'd probably just use it as an excuse for a trip to Montreal to buy another.

I'm hoping it will reduce the number of times I find my clothes all over the floor and the drawer full of cat fur instead.

{photos: #1 - jeanine, #2 - loyalluxe}

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