Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kitchen Renovation - Inspiration

I am working on a kitchen renovation, not a full renovation, but an inexpensive upgrade to bring a kitchen from a 1970s style to a more modern kitchen. 

The basics:
Currently the room is very dark with one small, north-facing window and a sliding door that used to lead to the outside but now connects to a 3 season {enclosed} porch.  The cabinets are a dark oak with brass and black pulls, the counter top is a yellow plastic laminate and the flooring is a sheet vinyl.  

What is being planned:
  • The counter will be upgraded from a plastic laminate to a quartz surface or perhaps Ice Stone.
  • A couple of the appliances will be replaced - the 30 year old stove top and oven.
  • The cabinets will be repainted to a light color and a few new cabinets and a pantry will be added {to replace the desk}.
  • The cabinet pulls will be replaced to something more modern.
  • A new back-splash behind the sink and under the cabinetry and new tile behind the stovetop.
Since I received an "are you serious" look when I suggested white cabinets and a gray counter top, I began finding images and came upon this kitchen below.  It's the look I was trying to explain {just no glass-front cabinets in this reno}.

The house currently has a stove top, wall oven and a down-draft vent that are enclosed in brick {1970s style brick}.  Since the images are generally more successful words in helping clients picture a finished room.  I began pulling images for the next phase.  There have been discussions of removing the brick {it's not real brick, it's purely decorative and is another reason the room seems dark} and adding a hood and more cabinetry.  I have a ridiculous amount of images saved on an external hard drive so I began searching through my image library for this stage as well.  Below are the images I came up with.





The winner, one we both agree on {yay!} for the backsplash and hardware, is the photo below.  The kitchen will have white subway tiles and hardware similar to the kitchen below and have a light gray counter top as the first photo.  The hood is still up in the air for now but it's in the process of being discussed.


Now I have to work on talking them out of buying a range that I think looks like a photocopier, I also think the prominent black on the front will be distracting in the light kitchen.  This is proving to be tougher to do than I had hoped.

{3/2: edited to fix mistakes - that's what I get for typing so fast}

{photos: #1, source unknown; #2 - Design New England May/June 2009; #3 - source unknown; #4 - Better Homes and Gardens September 2007; #5 - Design New England November/December 2008; #6 - source unknown}.  I would love to be able to fill in the unknown sources, let me know if you can help.

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