Friday, January 22, 2010

Barn Renovation

My newest project is more hands on and intensive than anything I have done before.  I have always done the design on paper and visited the site while construction is taking place or visited workrooms to check on other people's work.  I haven't yet participated in a project, doing actual construction work, from start to finish.

That is about to change since my sister has decided to renovate her barn and I will be helping.  It's a scary-spider {and cute little woodchuck} filled barn with the upstairs floors you think you will fall through - there are circles drawn around the worst spots.  The deadline for this to be completed is June 1st.

The plan for the space is to have car parking, storage and a work bench downstairs.  Upstairs there will be a playroom, exercise room and crafting area.

It's quite an ambitious project and an even more ambitious schedule but I think it will be fabulous in the end.  I have been compiling a folder of images for a few months now {when the project was in the "wouldn't it be great if....." stage} and it will be nice to see the completed project.  Plus my sister will have a huge addition to her little hobbit house.

I will hopefully be posting updates every Sunday night about the project's progress and/or setbacks.  The first work day is tomorrow, we will be clearing out the spiders and doing a bit of organizing, so stay tuned.

{photo of a different barn:  mema_nh/ / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0}

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