Sunday, January 24, 2010

Barn Renovation Week 1 :: Mouse-sicles

Here is an overall shot of the upstairs of the barn.  It's almost 700 square feet which is a pretty large open space {much larger than my last apartment was anyway and it was divided up into 4 rooms}.

Right now the room is being used to store extra furniture {and my gigantic drafting table, 4' high by 5' wide, which I have convinced my sister will make a great cutting mat}.   We spent the day cleaning.  There were the aforementioned spiders and egg sacks everywhere {gross}, one mouse-sicle {even more gross}, and plenty of roofing shingle bits from the new roof.  The photo is a bit dark since we got a late start and then got side tracked.  The lighting, and really all the electrical in the barn, is a bit on the scary side so it took a while to figure out where to plug in the lights.  There are a lot of fluorescent fixtures dangling everywhere but it's a crap-shoot as to which ones you can get on.  The wiring as you can see in the photo below, is a disaster.


There are dangling outlets, some of which were nailed directly to the roof.  The were removed so none of the roofers electrocuted themselves pounding nails in but now are just hanging


This is some more "fancy" wiring in the barn....and a random roll of insulation which also came with the barn.


If you look closely at the photo below you will see a wire just hanging out on the shelf.  Not sure what it is attached to....

Needless to say, someone will eventually be redoing all the wiring.  What is there is frightening and randomly placed but for now that's what we have to work with - though it's turned off at the circuit breakers when no one is inside just in case.


Another big issue is the flooring.  There is a double layer of plywood on the back half of the second floor {where the furniture is sitting}.  The other half is only a single layer and it's pretty flimsy.  You can see clear to the first floor in some sections and it feels like some of the pieces might just collapse when you walk on them.  I walk around on tiptoes, like a fool, only where I see nails since hopefully there is a beam underneath.   The last thing I'd like to do is wind up on the first floor without meaning to.


If you look closely you can see where a circle has been drawn so you know not to walk on that spot.

The first order of business, since we will be doing fairly substantial renovations, is to go to the Town Hall and get a building permit.  It's not the most fun part of the job, but an essential one.  We will hopefully get a good idea of the expectations of the town and when they need to inspect {after the electrical is installed and at the end for sure, but perhaps there are other times I don't know about}.

In the meantime, now that all the roofing material and dirt have been swept up, we have to determine how many pieces of plywood to replace.  If there are only a few {I originally estimated 15 boards} we will be able to start fairly soon. Hopefully we will only have to replace a few and the old boards will do, we're getting an opinion on that this week.  If we have to wait a bit it will just mean more time to design!  That's the fun part though so I wouldn't mind too much.

I'll be measuring and putting together the floor plans over the next couple of weeks so I'll be certain to share them.  I'm hoping to put the design into 3D for my sister to be able to see the design before committing to anything.  I'm learning a new program but I may just use SketchUp since I'm familiar with it {though it has it's quirks and a tendency to make me crazy}.

Here's hoping that next week's update has photos of a completed floor!

{photos: jeanine}

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