Saturday, September 26, 2009

Designers Guild

Ever since I discovered London-based Designers Guild, about 10 years ago, I have been a HUGE fan. While I was studying design in Boston, local modern design inspiration was hard to find. You could find some pockets available here and there but since it is a city with a ton of history I guess change was hard. In the last five to 10 years there has been a huge increase in the modern design resources available to Bostonians.

I was thinking about how much things have changed when I attended a seminar by Tricia Guild, Peter Osborne, and William Yeoward. Designers Guild has long been one of my favorite sources of not only fabrics and wallpapers but of inspiration. Now they have their own space in the Osborne & Little showroom in the design center. Although the wallpapers in the photo below don't do the color range justice, you only have to take a look at one of Tricia Guild's books to see the amazing colors and range of inspiration she draws from.

I think being exposed to a more modern style of design while surrounded by tradition helped shape what I design today. I adore interiors that are a mix of modern and traditional and am drawn to those with bright colors.

In fact, when I saw the photos of an office space I finished last year, I thought they had been Photoshopped since the common areas had photographed so brilliantly. Any place someone had to spend long periods of time in was more muted and neutral since I know color isn't something everyone is comfortable with but it sure was nice to be able to add color into the space. I do know that some of the occupants were very happy and proud of the 'nacho orange' color of a few of the walls.

Sorry about the rambling nature of this post :).

(photo: jeanine)


  1. Hello there!
    great to hear your comments and so thrilled you liked the seminar. Tricia really enjoyed her trip to Boston!
    You may be interested to know that our range now incorporates a large selection of fabric and wallpaper that is suitable for the contract market - all FR treated etc. Do have a look at the website or contact your local office for more info shoudl you need it.
    In the meantime, great to read your comments and pleased taht you have been inspired by Tricia and Designers Guild!
    Kind regards
    Amanda Back - PR Manager Designers Guild.

  2. Thank you so much Amanda, that is great information to have as I had mostly thought of Designers Guild as suitable for residential use due to the building codes that must be met in commercial projects. I'll be sure to visit the showroom to check the commercial options out.

    I'm glad Tricia enjoyed her trip to Boston, we were having some great weather so it was the perfect time to visit!

    jeanine :)


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