Sunday, August 2, 2009

Boston Children's Museum

Growing up near Boston, I made many a trip to the Children's Museum and loved every minute of it. A couple of years ago I had heard they had renovated the building, achieving a LEED Gold rating, and added on about 10,000 sq. ft. to the museum but I had never really made it over to see it. So when I walked past last month to see the tall ships, camera in hand, I was able to see the exterior of the building, designed by Cambridge Seven Architects, close-up.

It's quite simple, well designed and cheerful on the outside. It was closed for the day and I didn't have a child in tow so I didn't see the inside but I think as long as they still have the giant telephone and the bubble table I would be happy. I think those were always my favorite spots.

On the outside it's fairly monochromatic but there are plenty of textures to keep the facade interesting. Also when the museum is open, this place can be a mad house so a calming, well designed interior with proper circulation would be a nice change.

Some day I'll have to take a child for a tour of the inside.

{photos: jeanine}

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