Monday, July 6, 2009

Hotel Banke, Paris

I've been on a bit of a hotel kick lately. Perhaps it is because I've been working on drafting and coordinating specifications for a hotel, which is fairly mindless work, and feel the need to see finished hotels.

Hotel Banke in Paris is an interesting mix of styles, from architects Paul Fresse and Cassien Bernard. It is filled with warm colors; reds, golds and blacks and combines the traditional architectural details of the building with modern furniture.

I love the lights in the restaurant, but I think the chairs used are the burned Smoke Chairs by Moooi which both fascinate and disturb me. I'm not positive, but it does look like them.

In the bar, the furniture resembles melted gold, perhaps a reference to gold bricks in a bank {I'm just guessing}.

{photos: workflo}

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  1. I know this Hotel is fantastic, I like so much. I stayed the last weekend February 17. The service impeccable and the food sublime. The room very comfortable. Is on Lafayette Street, 5 minutes from the Opera.
    I recommended it


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