Monday, July 20, 2009

Brimfield Antique Show

Yesterday I visited the Brimfield Antique Show since I love going and I don't think I have been able to go for the past few years. I usually go on Sunday to get the best bargains, the free parking and, as you can see from the sign below, free hugs.

They had tons of interesting things for sale from antiques to jewelery to junk but I found myself drawn, as usual, to the colorful displays. The fiesta pottery booth was so cheerful I stopped on by even though I don't collect it.

I purchased a vintage table runner from a vintage textile booth but the people there weren't the friendliest bunch. The vendor I enjoyed the most was Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods. Susan Gower sells vintage and new ribbons, buttons, pincushions, beads and more and her displays and selection were amazing. To top it off, she is really sweet. I only wish the pictures I had taken were better quality.

I'm not really a stellar sewer but I do make things from time to time so this is a nice resource to have since her items are unique. Her show inventory seems to be much more expansive than her online inventory so I would recommend checking out her at a show if possible.

Brimfield is a good place to find both bargains and priceless antiques, and is fun to just wander even when you don't have anything to buy. I think it's possible to spend days there and still not see everything.

{photos: jeanine}

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