Tuesday, June 2, 2009

IKEA PS 2009 Products

IKEA had a display of their new PS collection, which I believe is due out in the late summer or fall {2009}. They had a fairly large collection of new items some of which were fabulous. I admittedly have a love/hate relationship with IKEA. I like to buy items that will last forever and are well-made or at least look like it. There are so many things I see at IKEA where I love the style of the item but, when I see it close-up, the quality doesn't justify a purchase. That said, I have a number of items from IKEA that I am happy with, I'm just very selective and make sure the item will last {at least in theory, like the world's most expensive scratching post}.

 I love the pendant light in the image above. They are quite simple and made of natural materials.

While I was there I really focused on the lighting but looking at my photographs when I got home I kept seeing these great chairs in the pictures. On the photo above you can see it in gray against the red wall and below it is the red chair to the left. It's a bit hard to see but there is a better image here.

I thought this pendant light was fascinating. It is quite large and I think it would be even better with some sort of screen around the light source. I just wonder, with it being from IKEA, how long it takes to assemble.

{photos: jeanine}

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