Monday, June 15, 2009

Fluttering Wall Covering

Catherine Hammerton is a London-based textile designer. I took this picture of Catherine Hammerton's new line of wall covering at the ICFF, I think it would be great in a small entryway as it has a great texture that is best appreciated in a small area with a lot of light.

The wall covering is hand cut pieces of paper, shaped as leaves and stitched to a backing. The paper below is from her new line but you can see the previous ginkgo wall covering on her website, she has an online shop as well. What I really love about her designs is that they are produced by a cooperative offering training to local people with mental health issues, she uses FSC certified papers, reclaimed and vintage materials, and vegetable based inks.

This means it is good for the environment and the community.

{photo: jeanine}

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