Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eco-Modern Nursery

I love this eco-modern nursery by the creator of Boopalina + Bebe, Kristen Angelo, who makes a line of organic baby blankets, bibs and other fabulous items for the stylish, modern baby. I have to say this room makes it to the top of my great baby rooms list {this list is in my head really, but it's there somewhere}. It is very bright and the splashes of color make it such a cheerful place.

The numbers on the wall serve both as a design feature that adults can appreciate and that children can learn from. The mobile is made from salvaged needlework hoops and painted with zero-voc stain and zero formaldehyde and low-voc polyurethane. The mobile is another design that appeals to all ages. The retro print on the blanket hanging over the crib reminds me of my childhood but is still modern, not dated.

I love the mixture of modern and vintage toys. The ugly doll looks quite at home next to the vintage duck toy and wooden xylophone.

To see more complete information about the room, and sources for some of the items, you can visit their blog here.

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