Monday, August 10, 2015

Out & About :: Lovely Day

I love the floor at Lovely Day in Nolita and felt less creepy taking a picture of the floor in the bathroom than I did sitting at my seat at the bar.  I've taken pictures of bathrooms before so this bathroom floor photo is par for the course.  It's seen better days, but I'm totally in love with the pattern.

Monday, July 6, 2015

One Mission Accomplished

Lately I've been trying to finish all those half-finished projects I have lying around the house {and other people's houses} forever.  One of those projects was intended to be a birthday present for my 2012.  I bought the parts years ago and was ready to go but, let's be honest, I didn't know how to wire a lamp.  Luckily the Rotary Club around here has a free clinic where you take your broken things {or miserable failures of DIY projects in my case} to them and they help you fix it up.

I really love the vintage plug, the colorful cord, and the paddle thumb turn it has.  It's so much better than the cheap-looking gold pieces and transparent plug that it had before.

So, one down 7,301 to go!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Anthropologie Window Display :: The Birds

I figure this is the perfect time to post these Anthropologie winter window photos from the Rockefeller Center store.  There's a lot of snow dusted about these windows {and it's pretty, unlike the seven feet of snow we have lying around here}.

I love the mix of birds and iconic New York buildings.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

House Hunting :: i heart interiors style

Most house hunting posts are full of pretty pictures, but if you've been here before you may have realized I do things a bit differently than most.  Now is your chance to click away so you're not disappointed!

First I should say that I'm fortunate to have found what is possibly the best realtor in the world.  I was a few minutes late to the house and he had gone in first {and later admitted to going in first so he can control his facial expressions if things are really bad} and sent me an email saying something to the extent of, "I went in the house and great news, there are newer windows!!"

Keep in mind he walked {or actually skated} by this sink to see the windows.  Don't worry, there won't be much actual water damage until the ice melts.  In the meantime there's some really fresh-smelling ice inside!

This is a very bad picture of the amazing doors in the house {if you double what you see, you can figure out what it looks like}, you may be asking what the stuff on the floor is.

Not to worry, it's just a skylight and who doesn't like those?!?

 The best part is, there is more than one!  {This one actually worries me as did the third floor ceiling that was bowed under the weight of the snow.}

Will I buy it?  Probably not, although I'm planning on obsessing about it a whole lot.  It has amazing stairs, secret wood floors, three porches, and a barn almost the size of the house.  But, as protection against an impulse buy, I didn't photograph anything that I loved about this place so you don't get to see any of that.

If only I actually knew Norm from This Old House and his crew of people who know how to make doing this stuff look fun!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Set Design - Sly and Single Again

This is another installment in the unofficial "I only watch it for the set design" series.  While I know at least one of you is probably shaking your head at my selection of 'stories', I do enjoy them all without discrimination.

About a year ago I watched Sly and Single Again and it was really funny but also had some amazing sets.  Of course I took a liberal amount of screen shots.  The images below are only of the apartment, not of the 4 or 5 amazing restaurants they shot scenes in.

I love the stripes on this building, it's not part of the set design but a great location to film.

This apartment was one of my favorite parts.  The Rhythm Pendant below is one I almost snuck into a project but then the client lost the space they were moving into and it hasn't made it back into a project yet.  That flush linear light is one I use all the time in commercial work but I've never seen it used in a residential setting.

Am I the only one that noticed the random pairs of things on the counter below?

I'm in love with the wood wall and took 6.4 million screen shots of it {for research purposes, obviously}.

Apparently this was the only image I managed to take of the lights that are in integrated into the wood, I love this feature.  I forget why he's climbing the wall but I still think it's funny.

I also really love the graphic and slightly retro wallpaper in the bedroom. I wish I knew who made it, I'd love to see their other patterns.

Are there any shows you watch for the set design?  I can't be the only one!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fendi Winter Window Display

Or should I call it the ENDI window display?!?  I'm fascinated by this very dramatic lady parasailing in a dress and fluffy hood. I actually love all these windows.  They're simple and bright and dramatic which in my mind is what a window display should be.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Recently, while running from one meeting to the next, I darted past this spray painted graphic for the basement.  I immediately turned around and came back for a closer look and a photo.  While the other floor markers were a bit 80s looking, this one still feels new in some ways.

It's also not going to be around much longer because this building is being converted to luxury condos shortly.  What do you think about it?  Too 80s or has it stood the test of time?
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